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Published 1 year ago

Overseas Registration Exam (ORE):

ORE ‘Overseas Registration Exam’ is designed for overseas graduated dentists or dental professionals so that they can get registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) as a certified dentist in the UK. The exam aims to test the competency by examining their clinical as well theoretical knowledge as per the NHS set norms.

If you are looking for the ORE 2023 exam pattern, latest registration process, upcoming registration dates, ORE exam cost and how ORE examines your clinical knowledge, Read the whole blog till end and get updated till date about ORE 2023.

ORE 2023, Exam Pattern:

ORE is going to be in 2 parts:

  • Part 1 (Theory)
  • Part 2 (Practical)

ORE Part 1 Exam:

Part 1 is a computer-based exam that aims to test the dental theoretical knowledge of a Dentist registered outside EEA . ORE part 1, exams are held twice a year (mostly in April and August) with 200 seats per exam. The theory- based exam is further divided into 2 papers. Paper A and Paper B.

Paper A: A 3 hours exam, that covers clinically applied dental science and clinically applied dental disease.
Paper B: A 3 hours exam, that covers more of a law and ethics/health and safety of dental practice in the UK.

ORE Part 2 Exam:

Part 2 exam is a OSCE exam that is designed to demonstrate clinical skills. The learning outcomes found in the “Preparing for Practice” document are the basis for its questions.

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This exam is further divided into 4 different components, that are performed on 4 different days.

A Practical Examination in Medical Extremities (ME): The assessment consists of a structured script-grounded oral and demonstration of single-handed introductory life support. This will include cardiopulmonary resuscitation using a manikin.

VENUE: Eastman Dental Hospital Education Centre, Mortimer Market Centre

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OCSE): Here candidates go through a series of ‘stations’ that aim to test their clinical knowledge. These may include history-taking and assessment, communication expertise, judgement and conclusion, ethics and attitudes, and clinical examination.  Within 20 days of sitting for the exam results for the above exam are released.

VENUE: The royal college of Surgeons of England 38-34 Lincoln’s Inn Fields

An Operative Test On A Dental Manikin (DM): over a period of three hours, candidates are required to perform three procedures. These procedures involve the preparation and restoration of teeth, but may also include other procedures where appropriate simulation can allow assessment of operative skills.

VENUE: UCL Eastman Dental Institute, Rockefeller Building

A Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (DTP): This involves an actor who will provide an appropriate history (but will not be examined), together with relevant additional information such as photographs, radiographs, study models, or results of other special tests. The exercise may involve any of the below aspects of clinical dentistry.

VENUE: Eastman Dental Hospital Education Centre, Mortimer Market Centre

Please Note: ORE part 2, exams are held with 144 candidates, 3 times a year (generally in January, April, and September). A candidate can have 4 attempts for this exam.

ORE 2023 Registration Process:

  1. Visit eGDC portal
  2. Click ‘route to registration’
  3. Fill in your details online and your email address. You will receive the email from GDC with ORE registration form and the guidance note that explains how to fill in the form and what documents to send.
  4. You need to share your form along with documents with GDC.
  5. Then fill processing assessment fee (£685}.
  6. As your application is accepted, GDC permit you to create your eGDC account.

Please Note: Exam booking usually opens 6 weeks before the exam, so you need to keep yourself updated with the GDC website for the exam date and exam booking date and time to be announced. On the reserving day, you have to login into your eGDC account and make the payments and booking from there.

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ORE Part 2 Upcoming Examination Dates:

GDC has released the 2022 ORE Part 2 Exam dates. These are

  • 27 January-30 January 2022
  • 21 April-24 April 2022
  • 15 April-18 September 2022
  • 17 November-20 November 2022 (provisional)

Note: The applicants are suggested to book the earliest possible slot dates and not to wait for November 2022 exam. If we don’t meet expected demand the November sittings may be halted.

OR Exam - ORE Cost:

The updated fee of the Overseas Registration Examination Part 1 (the clinical knowledge test) fee is £806 per attempt. Part 2 of the ORE Exam, is a practical, OSCE-based exam. and the updated fee is £2929 (per attempt). An additional fee of £685 is charged for ORE document processing and assessment.

Next Step After Clearing ORE Part 2 Exam:

After you have passed ORE Part 2, you will receive an email from GDC that will redirect you to the online application form in eGDC. Here you can apply for full GDC registration. The registration fee is around £700 (but may vary on the month you will start to pay).

Overseas Registration Exam Experts’ Tips- Britasiadoctors:

  • Go through the whole process of registration prior to anything. Read guidelines thoroughly. You may wish to visit exam centre’s website or gdc-uk.org.
  • Reserving a test seat is really competitive, and the test seat gets completely reserved within few minutes, so you need to prepared when the booking opens and make sure to have high-speed internet.

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