Performers List Validation By Experience (PLVE) - Complete Guide
Published 1 year ago

Performers List Validation By Experience (PLVE)

The Department of Health for England introduced the new dental contract in 2006 they made changes to how people could enter the Dental Performers List for England and Wales. All dentists wishing to join the Performers List in England and Wales must show they either have

  • A Foundation Training number and Certificate (post 1993)
  • Are exempt from the regulations because of having practised in a European Union country

However, dentists who are not already on the National Performers List (NPL), have to apply. For performer number especially for dentists who do not have a Foundation Training (Vocational Training) and thus these dentists will have to go through an assessed period of training by NHS England in consultation with Health Education England (HEE) to decide whether the dentist can be admitted to the list.

This assessment is based on the applicants previous and current clinical and theoretical experience and training including NHS primary dental care.

However if you are amongst those who do not have If you do not have that training , you must undertake a period of supervised work within a PLVE programme in an approved PLVE dental practice of an approved PLVE Validation Supervisor.

The process for a PLVE applicant to join the Dental Performer List for England is explained in the guides provided by the NHS.

Please find useful PDF links below:

  • Apply to join the Dental Performer List for England - Full guide
  • Apply to join the Dental Performer List for England - Quick Guide

Who Needs PLVE Program?

UK graduate pre- 1993 and wish to move from one Area Team Performers list to another in England or Wales or enter the list of a Area Team for the first time you will have to demonstrate Foundation training by equivalence.

The reason for having to do this is to demonstrate that you are a safe and competent practitioner when viewed against current standards. Use the tiles below to find information about PLVE requirements and for contact details of Health Education England Offices/Deaneries.

How Can I Apply To PLVE?

To be able to undertake PLVE as a Validation Experience Dentist (VED) you can simply enter the PCSE application link

And get all the information you need before collecting your necessary documents to apply and you can use their Email for queries: Or you can always return to your employment company for further detailed info on where to start.


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