Recent Changes To The PLVE Procedure For Non EU Qualified Dentist
Published 1 year ago

Below are the major changes and our interpretation of the changes based on the feedback form dentists and available resources.

1] Performer list Validation by Experience PLVE doesn't exist anymore more. The new pathway to achieve a performer nunber  is mentored position. It is the same as a EU graduate would follow to achieve a NHS performer number.

2] It would normally take 4 to 6 months for a Non EU qualified dentist to get their condition performer number before 1st April 23, which has now been cut short to 4-6 weeks.

3] A Non EU qualified dentist in the past applying for PLVE would have to pay an application fee of 800-1200£. This has been abolished. There is no application fee.

4] There is no need for 3 months of General Dentistry experience in the last 2 years to be eligible to do a Mentored position. It was mandatory to have this experience in the past be eligible for a PLVE.

5] Introduction of the STRUCTURED CONVERSATION where a dentist would be assessed based on their past experience and qualification  and offered help and advice needed to achieve their performer number going forward by a team of 2 dental advisors.  Its not a pass or fail exercise.

6] Dental Practices do not need a practice approval to be able to train a dentist for Mentored position. A formal practice approval was needed to train and employ a PLVE dentist in the past.

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