Reforming The Current NHS Dental Contract & Contract Checking Services
Published 1 year ago

Reforming the current NHS dental contract

The elements of the blended contract, the basis of any change, are on the NHS BSA website. It is a blend of capitation and activity payments. Blend A includes B and one treatment (examination etc) in capitation but all else (including fillings, extractions, crowns, and dentures) as activity payments.

Blend B brings non-lab treatments into capitation, with crown and denture work paid through activity payments (UDAs). The care pathway approach, which lies at the heart of the prototypes, aims at 'promoting a long-term preventive approach based on individual need and risk' and 'encouraging patients to take responsibility for protecting and maintaining their oral health with support from the practice dental team'.

As such it will be most suitable for practices with a stable base of regular attenders, but one must bear in mind that the latest stats from NHS Digital show that only 50% of adults have seen an NHS dentist in the last 24 months and 60% of children have been in the last 12 months.


Contract checking services

As a new starting dentist, you'll need to carefully read contracts that you may be required to enter into, such as with suppliers,
customers, employees, or business leases as it will determine your relationship with the other party and the last thing you want is
to have unknown surprises down the road while not being legally trained nor prepared to know what might be an issue of concern in your contract.

To get your contact checked you might want to use the help of a solicitor or a trained lawyer, however, Some dental organizations
offer this service and are fully competent in advising many dentists for years.

1. BDA - British Dental Association

2. DDU - Dental Defense Union

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