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Published 1 year ago

What Are CPDs?

CPD or Continuing Professional Development is one of the things that we will have to become familiar with as GDC registrants in the next few years CPD is defined by the GDC.'study, training, courses, seminars, reading, and other activities undertaken by a registrant, which could reasonably be expected to advance his or her professional development.'

All dental professionals must keep their skills and knowledge up to date right throughout their working life. with registration will come the responsibility of recording your CPD activities (ie attendance at courses, seminars, etc.) to remain on the register and to continue working.

Source: https://www.nature.com/articles/vital377

Online CPD Websites?

To be able to fully be successful in submitting your NHS application as well as being a GDC requirement you will be asked to complete a list of dental courses and obtain the certifications for Professional Development Some of which are allowed to be held online others are in-site courses.

To make it simpler for you here are some websites that offer free or charged online courses with certificates that cover a variety of popular disciplines.







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